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About Us

Living in Space may be improbable but living in space at home is not. At Canopi-1 we offer the latest in future eco-concious living on good ol' planet earth while striving to push the envelope in future living space technologies.

Our products include architectual home designs, home automation technologies, and peaceful living with plants and garden products. We opened in 2008 after working with the Canadian Space Agency to develop 3-D printing applications to be used in space. Given our long time passion for space exploration and the desire to have a working space colony inspired by Nasa's Stanford Torus plans we decided to see if that design would work for a modern home build. In 2009 CEO Dave Arnault's torus house design was conceived and built by the Canopi-1 team. It made sense to us to be ecologically aware by using reusable and sustainable resources in our home builds.


Canopi-1 CEO Dave Arnault and team.


Our Misson: See you in the stars...One day soon we hope to have the means to build a workable, sustainable torus for humans to live in space. 

We love to dream big and so do our supporters!